Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Cupcake Flavors

We have updated our Monday menu for anyone that would like to place an order for Halloween. We have some really fun flavors and decorations!!! Here is the Monday line up......

Witch's Hat:
Chocolate cake filled with a whipped orange scented mousse, topped with orange butter cream and finished with a chocolate witch's hat.

Halloween Sunset:
This a a cupcake version of the sunset cocktail (for the grown ups) Vanilla tangerine cake infused with a rum and grenadine syrup, topped with a whipped tangerine scented butter cream.

Black Bottom Spider Web Cheesecake:
Chocolate cake with a baked in cheesecake center, topped with chocolate butter cream and finished with a chocolate spider web.

Ghostly Pumpkin Spice:
Our pumpkin spice cake topped with a whipped meringue frosting in the shape of a ghost with mini chocolate chip "eyes".

Halloween Sugar Cookie:
Our classic sugar cookie cupcake with halloween sprinkles.........

Spooky Spider Signature Chocolate:
our signature chocolate cupcake is in disguise as a spooky halloween spider!

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